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2023, №: 3


Известия ВУЗов Кыргызстана

About journal

Peer-reviewed journal “Izvestiya vysshih uchebnyh zavedeniy Kyrgyzstana” (abbreviated: ”IVK”)issued since 2001.
Scientific journals “Izvestiya VUZov Kyrgyzstana” – was founded with the current stage in the development of the globalization process against the backdrop of growth in the scientific and technological progress and transition of the world economy to the stage of postindustrial development and is a special journal recommended by VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) of Kyrgyz Republic for publishing of the main results of dissertation research.
Founded by: Public Academy of scientists of Kyrgyz Republic.
Peer-reviewed journal “IVK” publishes the results of open scientific research carried out by scientists of scientific institutions, educational organizations of higher education and citizens who conduct scientific research on personal initiative or within the framework of service assignments.
Published by: OOO “Publishing of Scientific journals and children`s literature”.
Editor-in-chief: Academician of the NAS KR Toktoraliev B.A.
Journal is included into the existing List of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), where the basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor and the candidate of sciences should be published in.
The journal publishes articles containing the social –humanitarian, natural, technical and technological sciences:
National ideology (theoretical aspect). National culture. Globalization. Conflict of national and social (theoretical aspect). Policy. Philosophy. Phenomenology. National philosophy. Sociology. Pedagogy. Philology. Information economy. Innovative society. Physics. Cybernetics. Geophysics. Mining. Biotechnology. Mechanics. Transport. Chemistry. Astronomy. Mathematics. Geology. Electrical engineering. Geodesy. Cartography. Chemical technology. Chemical industry. Metrology. Power engineering. Mechanical engineering. Automatic. Computer engineering. Geography. Biology. Metallurgy. Computer science. Instrument making. Physical training. Mass communication. Mass media. Comprehensive study of individual countries and regions. Electronics. Radio engineering. Human ecology.
The journal is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyz Republic (Certificate of state re-registration series SRLE (State re-registration of Legal Entities) №150408-3301-OO сode NCEO (National Classifier of Enterprises and organizations) 20224813 from the November 3, 2015).
Izvestiya vysshih uchebnyh zavedeniy Kyrgyzstana (abbreviated: “IVK”). Certificate of registration EM (Enterprises Media) №2110 from January 11, 2016.
The journal is registered in Russian Science Citation Index (RISC) (license agreement №001-01/2015 from January 12, 2015).
The journal has an international classifier ISSN 1694-7681 and is a peer-reviewed periodical journal.
The journal has an international registry of scientific-informational materials on the base of DOI (CrossRef) technology.
Impact-factor (0,055) – formal quantitative index of importance of the scientific journal
The journal publishes articles by Russian and foreign authors. It also publishes events in sciences, leading scientific discussions, conferences, seminars, “round tables”.
Issued: 12 times a year.
Nowadays the journal “Izvestiya Vuzov Kyrgyzstana” is indexed in the following electronic bibliographic database of: RISC, VAC, KISC, DOAJ.
The journal maintains a policy of open access: e-LIBRARY,
Aims and objectives of the journal are to provide the world scientific community with the results of domestic research, to create an international scientific space by involving scientists of natural, technical and technological sciences from foreign countries. In the online- journal are included articles on all scientific topics.
The journal publishes only original articles in Russian, Kyrgyz, Turkish and English which were not previously published in other periodicals.
The editorial board recommends to study the section “For authors" while working on article. Here is a guideline of how to prepare an interesting and meaningful article.